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I am amazed at how quickly Google Product Search (formerly Froogle) has become a major factor in an online retailer’s SEO strategy recently.  Sometime in the past year (not sure exactly when it happened) Google started placing select product search listings ABOVE the organic results.  Once upon a time we were fighting for positions 1-10 (or page 1) of Google’s search results.  Now if you’re an online retailer, you have to also be concerned about being in positions 1-3 of Google product search.  I’m surprised the engine feed providers are not pushing their Google Product Search expertise more often.  I think Google’s comparison shopping engine is on the verge (if it has not already done so) of surpassing the other CSE’s (Nextag, Shopzilla,, etc.) in driving traffic.  And best of all, the traffic is free!

If you are a Google Product Search data expert, contact me today.  I want you to consult for me before you get too busy!


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