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Shopping Engine Providers & Conversion Testing

I’ve often wondered why the companies who provide comparison shopping engine (CSE) feed services for retailers don’t have usability/conversion teams or services they can offer to clients.  The shopping engine feed providers (Channel Advisor, Channel Intelligence, Mercent, et al.) spend all their marketing messaging on trying to tell clients that they can optimize their feeds, manage their bids, provide positive ROI, yadda yadda yadda. Wouldn’t it be in their best interests to get more intimately involved in helping clients convert the comparison shopping traffic they’ve just sent them?

If I were them, I’d find a product detail page guru ASAP.  Someone who understands that the product detail page (in regards to the shopping engine) IS the home page.  The job of the usability team is to get the customer to add the specific item into his/her cart or to get them to browse deeper into the site and buy related products.  (At a minimum, get them to sign up for promotional emails prior to exit.)   A customer who enters the site via a product detail page has a different mindset than the person who enters the product detail page via your internal search or navigation links–so test to see if they need to be treated differently.  I think they do.

Setting up usability teams that help retailers convert shopping engine traffic is a win/win for everybody!  If I convert more shopping engine traffic, I spend more money on shopping engines…and I spend more with the company who provides the feed services.


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